Legal Translation in Dubai

We are a Legal Translation Dubai agency and specialize in high-quality legal translations and interpretation services. Our team of translators works for world-leading companies and individuals. When you want to prepare a legal document, you should choose us. We will guide you properly regarding the translation services. Contact us today and we will translate your documents from any language to Arabic. We have real translators because we do not believe in machine translations. Machine translation may lead to inaccurate translation. You should choose our legal Translation in Dubai agency because we have a team of legal experts and translators.  We have experience of many years in taking care of your legal documents. We work with complete accuracy and it is our distinctive feature. You will find the best quality translations with prompt delivery at an attractive price.

Choose our Translation in Dubai and get your documents ready for legal use. We will complete the task on time and we do not charge any hidden fee or extra charges. Our agency is a pioneer in the translation industry and we can manage almost any document in any language. Our company has a team of qualified translators for a wide variety of languages. Hence, we can meet the needs of all the clients.

We also ensure our clients about the utmost confidentiality due to non-disclosure agreements that our translators sign. You can choose us for translating the following documents from us

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Wills
  • Trade agreements
  • Trade License
  • Patents
  • Diplomas
  • Memoranda of association
  • Litigation documents
  • Powers of attorney
  • Court Cases
  • Judgments
  • Interrogations
  • Contracts


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Legal Translation Dubai

Certified and Legal Translation

You need certified or official translation for formal or legal documents. Certified or legal translation services gives confidence to organizations that the translation is accurate. Our experts understand the language of business and law. An ordinary person cannot understand that language he/ she cannot do it. Documents consist of specific terms and every word has a clear and distinct meaning. So a simple translation may not work because it may not give results. Legal translation UAE is even more important when dealing with patents and specialized fields. If you want to translate any type of certificate, we are the best company that you need. Translation in Dubai is no more a difficult task. We take care of all of your certificates, maintain their security, keep them confidential and translate them with maximum accuracy.

If anyone is from outside Dubai and don’t know Arabic and want to convert any legal document from his native language into the Arabic language Reliable Translation Dubai is the company providing these services from all languages into the Arabic language, Arabic legal translation in Dubai is not a big deal our team of legal expert can do it for you in just five minutes. Reliable Translation Dubai is the best translator Dubaidoing excellent work for many years and has vast experience in this field of work. Reliable Translation Dubai has many offices in Dubai anyone can take the services from a nearby office.

Why Choosing Our Legal Translation Dubai Services?

We are the best legal Translation Dubai Company and you should choose us for the following.

Extensive Expertise

We have experience and expertise in managing all types of translation projects. Our company is popular and reputable in the UAE for having extensive expertise in translation legal and technical documents. You can choose our legal translation online services with a few clicks only.

Reasonable Prices

Our best quality legal translation services are available at very competitive rates. You cannot find these reasonable rates anywhere else. Contact us to know about legal translation online quotes. As the official language of the UAE government is Arabic, so translators charge a high fee. We have good news for you that our rates are very affordable. You can translate any document at a very reasonable price. Get the legal translation of UAE from the original language to Arabic without paying a high amount. Cheap legal translation is only a few clicks away from you. Contact us today and get the most reliable translation work from us.

Utmost Reliability and Confidentiality

We take care of your confidential information and do not share it with any third party. You can trust us and let us translate your legal documents with complete accuracy. You have an option to book legal translation online services from us. We always talk about the importance of confidentiality in legal translation. So whatever the document you want to translate, we will offer you complete professional secrecy.

High Quality Translation

Expand your business by choosing cheap legal translation of documents from us. Reach to the new markets with our help. We are here to help you get high-quality translations without spending a lot of money. Our services cover any field including legal, business, technical, medical, and academic. You can choose us for translating any language to Arabic and vice versa. You can also choose us for a wide range of tasks such as academic documents, personal certificates, brochures, manuals, technical reports, and websites. Due to our high-quality services, many companies, organizations, and individuals are choosing us. We are becoming the top language translation agency for English to Arabic translation in DubaiSo if you are in search of the most reliable translator, we are the only choice for you. We use the latest translation technologies instead of machine translations. Our quality services satisfy our international clients. You can check the testimonials of the clients who take our services.

Languages That We Support

Our translation company in Dubai supports the following languages

  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Persian

Besides these, we also support other languages. If your language is not available in the list, you should contact us. We have language experts in normally all the languages of the world.

Important For Individuals and Companies

Legal or certified translation is very important for individuals and companies. But you need reliable translation services for this purpose we are the experts and understand legal terminologies.  We have the mastery of all the languages so you should choose our Legal Translation Services confidently. You should choose our Legal Translation Services because we are reliable. Our language experts can accurately translate as well as interpret the text. We translate according to the context. Sometimes there are different meanings of the same word. So translating without contextual meaning will lead to the wrong translation. Hence professional legal translation services are of extreme importance.  We have qualified lawyers who have knowledge of legal matters and understand the law. They can translate the text efficiently. So, you should choose us for the best.

Our translation services are for all types of clients requiring professional translation. Our clients include:

  • International Organizations
  • Corporate Clients
  • Government Authorities
  • SME’s
  • Multinational Companies
  • Individuals

We also have collaboration with the following firms

  • Law firms
  • Consulting companies
  • Advertising and Branding agencies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Movie companies

Choose our translation services and break the barriers of language. We act as a bridge between different countries and nations. We work to promote the exchange of knowledge at a global level to improve economic development in the UAE and the rest of the world. We believe in excellence and it is our value too. To achieve the level of excellence, we work hard. We are also true to our commitments. Our translators also believe in business ethics and professionalism. So, we are popular in the UAE for our code of conduct.

Our success mainly depends on the quality of work that we do. When you need the best translation in JLT to achieve success, we are always here. We are very conscious about the success of our clients.



  • Legal Translation Dubai

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  • Certified Translation Dubai

  • Legal Translation Dubai

  • Driving License Translation Dubai

  • Certified Translation Dubai

  • Legal Translation Dubai

  • Driving License Translation Dubai

  • Certified Translation Dubai